fasenurlaub.at Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
"My mind is more awake and I feel at home in my body again. It was a great experience with great people."

Andrea S., fasting participant

Exclusive fasting weeks in the most beautiful places

Experience dreamlike days with us, where you can throw old habits and superfluous kilos overboard and refuel with new energy and strength with ease.

fasenurlaub.at Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
Detoxing and fasting according to Dr. Buchinger/Lützner

It is a special renewal experience to combine a relaxing holiday with a fasting break. In an atmosphere of well-being paired with professional fasting coaching we offer you the simple conditions where body, mind and soul are reconnected and supported by gentle impulses, such as walks in the fresh air, meditative exercises or light gymnastics, giving you the opportunity to find your inner resources again - a new start for your life!

What does a fasting week achieve?

Vitality, lightness, bliss, well-being
Purification, detoxification
Weight reduction
acid-base balance
rejuvenation of the cells, more beautiful, firmer skin
Increase of the immune defence

How does a fasting week work?

With a fasting holiday you treat yourself and your body to something very special, to leave behind and pause for a while the stress of everyday life.

Find your way back to the lightness of being in a holistic process that combines healthy fasting with exercise in the great outdoors.

fasenurlaub.at Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
Shut down. Rest. Lift off.

A week of fasting cleanses and regenerates body, mind and soul. Under expert guidance, you change your diet during this week to the essentials. You will learn that fasting has a lot to do with enjoyment (and nothing to do with hunger). You will experience that fasting in combination with our special exercise programme - meditation, light gymnastics and hiking - is a true balm for body and soul.

With us, a fasting week begins with a joint relief dinner after arrival - light, organic food that prepares you for the following days. On the second day the fasting begins with the traditional Glauber's drink, the sal mirabilis. This is followed by four more pure fasting days according to the Buchinger/Lützner method, at the end of which there is a joint breaking of the fast in the evening.
The last day, as a build-up day, gently prepares you for everyday life again.

The time called life.

Use these special days to switch off, listen to your body and your inner voice and let yourself go. I will accompany you through this week, you will always have enough space and time for yourself, just as you like.

fasenurlaub.at Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
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