Thank you for this very enriching and informative week. I was allowed to let go and learn a lot!

Walter R., Fasting participants

Fastenwoche und Natur pur
Im wunderschönen EISENBERG – Ihr Hotel im Südburgenland! Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
We are here for you
Therapeutic fasting, detoxification and slimming according to Dr. Buchinger/ Lützner at dreamlike places, Detox in its purest form! Fill up with new strength and energy with our fasting weeks!
Barbara Ebner
Healing masseur, medically certified fasting guide & health coach

More than 18 years ago, through fasting, I discovered the possibility of treating myself to the luxury of being there once a year, just for me, to give my body and me time out and rest and to rearrange many things in order to be prepared for the stressful everyday life.
I would like to pass on this wonderful experience to many people and enable them to pause in dreamlike places and discover new things.

I look forward to welcoming you soon to a week of fasting! Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich
Ingrid Engelmayer
Life energy consultant new homeopathy according to Körbler, Fasting coach

Fasting has accompanied me for a very long time as compensation, cleansing to my mostly intensive professional activity and is a kind of declaration of love to me.
I am fascinated every time how easy it is to feel liveliness, lightness, clarity and to experience the fullness of my world anew.
I gladly pass on this experience and accompany fasting groups through this exciting week! Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich Fasten nach Buchinger Heilfasten in Österreich